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Dear Crossovering Writer,

Hello you! First off, thanks for signing up and thanks for writing me! Yep, I'm thanking you already because hey, it's not easy to sign-up for these things sometimes. But you're in luck, because I'm pretty easy to please. I know a lot of people say that, but I really am. Behind the cut you'll find my thoughts on my requests, and just a few likes/dislikes. Gen fics are 100% fine, but if you want to write shippy stuff I will specify any of my ships below. You definitely don't have to follow any prompts I might give, that's just optional ramblings from me. Whatever will inspire you and make your writing experience fun, whether I prompted it or not, is what you should do.

R E Q U E S T . O N E

Fandoms Requested: Dead Like Me, Fargo (2014), Hannibal (TV), The X-Files

Boy, so many places to go here. So many shows about death. Two shows by Bryan Fuller! This is gonna be fuuuuuuun.

Dead Like Me/Fargo: Maybe Lorne is a reaper/hitman, now wouldn't that be an interesting career move? Reap 'em and kill 'em and make some cash on the side. Or maybe Molly could befriend Roxy through some badass policewoman message board and somehow the reapers help her with a case. So many possibilities!

Dead Like Me/Hannibal: Hey, it's Bryan Fuller land! I jokingly said to a friend that maybe Hannibal was a rogue reaper who just failed to read the manual and is doing a terrible job at reaping souls. Or maybe one of the DLM reapers keep reaping Hannibal's victims and decide to try and stop him.

Dead Like Me/The X-Files: The truth is out there, and Mulder starts to suspect the existence of grim reapers, so he and Scully head to Seattle.

Fargo/Hannibal: Fargo is a dark comedy, Hannibal is just plain old dark. Would love to see sweet sunshine Molly investigating something Hannibal-esque. Or Will Graham assisting her on a case. Or maybe Lorne and Hannibal have a meeting of two evil minds.

Fargo/The X-Files: Strange things are afoot in Bemidji.

Hannibal/The X-Files: I am sure there are about a billion fics referring to how Scully was considered a little Clarice Starling-esque back in the 90s. But this is 2014 and it's a whole different Hannibal. (And Scully looks remarkably like Bedelia DuMaurier, doesn't she?)

Ships, no-ships, characters, etc.: I am an ardent and true Gus/Molly (Fargo) shipper and I HATE Lester Nygaard so I'd prefer not to have much (or any) Lester in the fic. Lorne is fine, but don't try to make him a good guy. MOLLY IS MY QUEEN SO ANY MOLLY IS GREAT. For Dead Like Me, I like all of the characters and mainly ship George/Mason and Mason/Daisy. On The X-Files, I am an obsessed Mulder/Scully shipper and love them both as characters as well as all the supporting characters. And for Hannibal, I'm fine with all of the characters but I don't really ship anything.

R E Q U E S T . T W O

Fandoms Requested: Brooklyn Nine Nine, Castle, Elementary, Fargo, National Treasure series, Sleepy Hollow,

I call this my "People Who Investigate Things!" request. Five of these fandoms are about cops/investigators and four of them take place in the state of New York. So I think crossovers between B99, Castle, Elementary or Sleepy Hollow could easily be done (yes, easy for me to say). There's a case or a criminal or something that needs to be found, and they team up to find it! Fargo is a little harder because it takes place a few states away, but hopefully if you matched on Fargo, it's manageable enough. If you matched on National Treasure and one of these other fandoms, EVERYONE GOES ON A QUEST. Can be a short quest or a long quest, or anything at all, but I love that aspect of the National Treasure movies and would love to see that blended with any of these fandoms.

Ships, no-ships, characters, etc.: I am an ardent and true Gus/Molly (Fargo) shipper and I HATE Lester Nygaard so I'd prefer not to have much (or any) Lester in the fic. Lorne is fine, but don't try to make him a good guy. MOLLY IS MY QUEEN SO ANY MOLLY IS GREAT. For the other shows, I ship Jake/Amy on B99, Castle/Beckett on Castle, Joan/Bell or Joan/Sherlock for Elementary (please no Mycroft ugh), Ichabod/Abbie for Sleepy Hollow and Abigail/Riley or Ben/Abigail/Riley for National Treasure. And I love ALL the characters in those fandoms pretty much (except IDGAF about Mycroft.)

R E Q U E S T . T H R E E

Fandoms Requested: Revenge, Leverage, The Walking Dead, Marvel Cinematic Universe

Revenge/Leverage: OMG, I have wanted a fusion or crossover of this for soooooooooooo long. So I have two basic scenarios, but feel free to create your own. The first idea was maybe after Emily gets her revenge, her and Nolan start up their own kind of Leverage type firm, since they are so good at what they do. (This is more than a fusion, but you could also make them friendly or not-so-friendly rivals of the Leverage gang.) Scenario #2 was maybe Charlotte or someone else affected by all of this mess goes to the Leverage team to find out who has ruined her life,

Revenge/The Walking Dead: You know who would be pretty good at surviving the zombie apocalypse? EMILY THORNE OF COURSE. I don't know how she'd end up in Atlanta, but you know she'd be right there kicking some zombie ass alongside Daryl and Rick and the rest of the group.

Revenge/MCU: What if Agent 13/Sharon Carter really IS Emily Thorne? Maybe Nolan and his computer genius was recruited into S.H.I.E.L.D. years ago by David Clarke (who was undercover at Grayson Global because they're an arm of HYDRA). And Nolan eventually recruits Emily into S.H.I.E.L.D. as well. I mean, sure, you'd have to tweak the timeline and backstory a bit but IT COULD WORK.

Leverage/The Walking Dead Dear God, all I have ever wanted in life is Parker, Hardison and Eliot fighting zombies alongside Daryl, Glenn, Maggie etc. Or just fighting zombies. Or just. You know. Everything.


The Walking Dead/MCU: Because it can't be any stranger than fighting aliens and a Norse god, right?

Ships, no-ships, characters, etc. For Revenge, Nolan/Emily is my OTP, so even if you don't ship it, partnership or friendship fic is great for them too. I just love them. A lot. I don't really care for any canon ships and the only other ship I like is Jack/Charlotte. I absolutely HATE Aiden, so please no Aiden fic. For Leverage, it's Parker/Hardison, or Eliot/Parker/Hardison all the way. Canon Nate/Sophie is fine, but I'd prefer the other three characters if given a choice. For The Walking Dead, it's Glenn/Maggie FOREVER (ok prob not because someone has to die). I adore both their characters, and I love Carol, Michonne, Beth and Daryl as well. For the MCU, I mainly just do canon ships (if Clint/Natasha doesn't count as canon, then them too). I also love PARTNERSHIPS and FRIENDSHIPS for basically every possible combination but particularly Steve Rogers and his friendships with Bucky, Natasha, Sam and Thor. SCIENCE BROS are a-okay too.

R E Q U E S T . F O U R

Fandoms Requested: Elementary, Fargo, Orphan Black, Pacific Rim, Revenge, Sleepy Hollow


Ok, uhm, moving on...

Elementary/Fargo: See above, Sherlock, Joan and Molly solving crimes together! Sherlock would appreciate her dedication and her murder board a lot, I think.

Elementary/Orphan Black: CAN YOU IMAGINE? Joan and her doctor-ness being fascinated by the science. Sherlock being fascinated by the clones and all their differences (and he would be able to tell them apart even when they're imitating each other). Also: ART BELL AND MARCUS BELL ARE CLEARLY COUSINS WHO ARE BOTH COPS.

Elementary/Pacific Rim I think we all know where I'm heading here. Joan and Sherlock are drift compatible! Sherlock is haunted by his past and is all moody and shit. But they fight monsters together!

Elementary/Revenge: Oh, Sherlock thinks he met his match with Jamie Moriarty, but Emily Thorne is just a less evil genius, but still a genius.

Elementary/Sleepy Hollow: See Request #1. Solving crimes together! Two British guys and two awesomely badass women. YESSSSSSS.

Fargo/Orphan Black: This cloning' stuff sure is tricky, you betcha. Maybe Molly or Gus see a clone in Bemidji and then while they're chaperoning Greta's school trip (hey Greta can play soccer against Alison's kids!) out of state, they run into a whole mess of clones.

Fargo/Pacific Rim: Gus and Molly as jaeger pilots! Gus is terrible at it, but Molly makes him better.

Fargo/Revenge: Lorne is a hitman, maybe he comes to town to do some dirty work for the Graysons, but Emily is ready to take him down.

Fargo/Sleepy Hollow: See Request #1! Solving crimes together! That British fella sure is a weird one, eh?

Orphan Black/Revenge: Nolan is a clone! Yep. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. And thus they must investigate where he really came from and maybe they stumble upon the Clone Club in the process.

Orphan Black/Pacific Rim: So many clones. So many possible pairings for jaeger pilots. Go with your heart. Or go the other direction and have Cosima making science with Newt! SCIENCE!

Orphan Black/Sleepy Hollow: Okay, this one stumps me a little, but Ichabod Crane might shit his pants if he found out about cloning.

Pacific Rim/Revenge: NOLAN AND EMILY ARE DRIFT COMPATIBLE. ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTES. Or, you know, whatever you want to do here.

Pacific Rim/Sleepy Hollow: Ichabod and Abbie! Or even Abbie and Jenny! They already fight supernatural monsters, so why not giant alien monsters too.

Revenge/Sleepy Hollow: Emily ends up passing through Sleepy Hollow and finds a whole other kind of trouble than what she's used to.

Ships, no-ships, characters, etc. For Revenge, Nolan/Emily is my OTP, so even if you don't ship it, partnership or friendship fic is great for them too. I just love them. A lot. I don't really care for any canon ships and the only other ship I like is Jack/Charlotte. I absolutely HATE Aiden, so please no Aiden fic. I am an ardent and true Gus/Molly (Fargo) shipper and I HATE Lester Nygaard so I'd prefer not to have much (or any) Lester in the fic. Lorne is fine, but don't try to make him a good guy. MOLLY IS MY QUEEN SO ANY MOLLY IS GREAT. On Elementary, I ship Joan/Bell or Joan/Sherlock, and nooooooooo Mycroft. For Pacific Rim, Mako/Raleigh all the way and I love all of the characters so include whoever you want. For Sleepy Hollow, I love Ichabod/Abbie and feel free to include any other of the show's characters. On Orphan Black, I ship Sarah/Cal, Sarah/Art, Cosima/Delphine and Sarah/Raj (i miss your cute face Raj). Feel free to include any characters (well, Paul is pretty boring, but if he works for the story, go for it).

R E Q U E S T . F I V E

Fandoms Requested: Harry Potter, Pacific Rim, Push, The Raven Cycle

Harry Potter/Pacific Rim: So Mako and Raleigh go to Hogwarts and Stacker Pentecost as a disapproving professor? Yes. Make it so. Or conversely, Harry, Ron and Hermione are a drift compatible trio. (Or Ron/Hermione or Harry/Luna.) Magic and monsters, oh my!

Harry Potter/Push: Push is a movie about kids with powers. Harry Potter is a series about kids with powers. You see where I'm going with this? Either the HP kids are mixed up with Nick and Cassie and being chased by Division, or Nick and Cassie go to Hogwarts.

Harry Potter/The Raven Cycle You know what two things these series have in common are? MAGIC. PRIVATE SCHOOL UNIFORMS. Either the trio knows something about Glendower and show up to help (or Gansey seeks them out). Or The Raven Boys and Blue go to Hogwarts.

Pacific Rim/Push: A friend of mine already wrote me a short Nick/Cassie as jaeger pilots fic a while back but I AM GREEDY AND I WANT MORE. Or I want Mako and Raleigh to meet up with Nick and Cassie somewhere somehow in some universe.

Pacific Rim/The Raven Cycle There are endless combinations of potential pilot teams here. Blue and Gansey! Gansey and Ronan! Ronan and Adam! Blue and Ronan! Ronan and Noah! Noah and Blue! Maura and Mr. Gray! I COULD GO ON AND ON AND ON.

Push/The Raven Cycle: So Blue foretells of Gansey's death and her whole family is a bunch of psychics, and hey, Cassie sees the future. Well, whaddya know. Maybe Nick and Cassie are on the run from Division and somehow end up hiding out in Henrietta where they run into our intrepid little group of Blue and her boys.

Ships, no-ships, characters, etc.: For Harry Potter, I just adore the trio and Neville and Luna as characters (among many others), but would love to read about any of them. I ship Ron/Hermione and Harry/Luna (but I also do not object to Harry/Ginny, I just don't really ship it). For Pacific Rim, Mako/Raleigh clearly. CLEARLY. For Push, I adore Nick/Cassie (but please make sure Cassie is age of consent if you are writing anything of a romantic/sexual nature) and I'm no fan of Kira, so would rather not see her included. For The Raven Cycle, Blue/Gansey is my OTP, but i multi-ship pretty much EVERYTHING EVERYTHING EVERYTHING. I love these characters SO MUCH.

L I K E S / D I S L I K E S

Likes: AUs, tropes, snark, banter, adventure, awesome people being awesome, female characters who have agency, superheroes, space, darkfic is fine, so is fluff, anything rated G through NC-17 so go wild there if you want, uhh... most things. I am the worst at this.

Dislikes: Non-con or dub-con, mpreg, tentacles, scat, watersports, not really super kinky but I'm also not a prude, so, yeah, I really am the worst at this part.

If you have any questions about specifics or need to know about a thing that I haven't mentioned here, please feel free to send a PM to [personal profile] galfridian and she'll be able to answer any questions for you. :) Also, feel free to stalk my LJ (same username), my Tumblr, or my Twitter if you think it will help.

Thanks again for signing up and I sincerely hope you enjoy your writing experience! I am so excited for whatever you decide to do!


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