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Dear Crossovering Writer,

Hello Crossovering writer or pinch hitter or treat writer! First and foremost, thank you for writing for me! I'm a pretty laid back person (no, really, I know everyone says that, but I really am), so it shouldn't be too difficult to please me. Write what you think I'd enjoy, but also write what makes you happy too, because if you're not enjoying writing it, then that's no fun. So, basically, have fun!

I'm putting mentions of what ships/characters I prefer, however, feel free to write gen if you're unable to write any of those ships. I like gen just fine, so it is always okay and I'd never want someone to write a ship that they don't like. Also, don't let my prompts limit your imagination, if you have an idea you're in love with, just go for it.

I am completely cool with fusions, so if you can't figure out a way to cross these universes, feel free to fuse instead.

Also of note: I am 100% up to date with all canons requested. But feel free to go AU or mess with canon details if it fits the story you need to write.

R E Q U E S T . O N E

Fandoms Requested: National Treasure, Harry Potter, The Raven Cycle

National Treasure/Harry Potter: One trio (Harry/Ron/Hermione) meets another (Ben/Riley/Abigail)? On the hunt for some magical historical object? Y E S. Would also love a fusion where Ben, Riley and Abigail are wizards and wizarding world treasure hunters.

National Treasure/The Raven Cycle: Can you just imagine all these nerds converging on some adventure together? Abigail speaking Latin with Ronan. Ben and Gansey, history nerding out together. Riley being adored by the women of 300 Fox Way. All of them looking for some kind of treasure or going on adventures together.

Harry Potter/The Raven Cycle: I love that The Raven Cycle ended with so much potential for future adventures for Blue and her boys, so take that thread and maybe have them visiting London and running into the trio or bumping into Luna on one of her expeditions and working together.

Ships, no-ships, characters, etc.: For National Treasure, I like all of the main three characters as well as Ben's parents. I am an unrepentant Abigail/Riley shipper, or Ben/Abigail/Riley, canon Ben/Abigail is fine. For Harry Potter, I am a Ron/Hermione person, but a gen fic is fine, just don't be squirrely and break up R/Hr or something. I love the trio a lot, as well as Luna and Neville, so any inclusion of those characters would be great. For The Raven Cycle: OT5, BLUE AND HER BOYS FOREVER. But also Blue/Gansey (my true OTP), Ronan/Adam, Gansey/Ronan, Blue/Noah are 100% acceptable.

R E Q U E S T . T W O

Fandoms Requested: iZombie, Veronica Mars, The X-Files

iZombie/Veronica Mars: Two shows by Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero, both about tiny blondes who crack wise and solve crimes, so OBVIOUSLY, they need to be crossed over. Maybe Veronica goes to Seattle and winds up working a case that Liv is working on. (Or conversely, Liv is in Neptune.) Just imagine all that snark. No. Seriously. How are there not 500 crossover fics for these two shows already??

iZombie/The X-Files: Maybe Mulder and Scully hear about walking, talking zombies in Seattle and go investigate. Or maybe there's another case that needs them and they work with Liv, all the while suspecting something weird about her. (Also, let's talk for an hour about how much Ravi would absolutely love both Mulder and Scully and WORSHIP them.)

Veronica Mars/The X-Files: Veronica didn't end up joining the FBI, but she did have an FBI internship at the end of Season 3, so what if she met Skinner or Scully or Mulder while working there over the summer? And now, all these years later, she calls one of them for help on a case that is a bit weirder than her normal cases are. (Okay, yes, you'll have to mess with canon timelines to make that work, but IT COULD WORK.)

Ships, no-ships, characters, etc.: For iZombie, I am a Liv/Ravi shipper, wholeheartedly. I'm fine with any of the other characters appearing, but I don't want Blaine woobified. Liv/Major is okay, just as long as it's not the focus of the story. For Veronica Mars, LOGAN/VERONICA FOREVER. THANKS. Any appearances by Wallace, Mac or Keith are ABSOLUTELY GREAT. For The X-Files, MULDER/SCULLY FOR INFINITY. Also, Walter Skinner is super fucking great, so feel free to include him if you want.

R E Q U E S T . T H R E E

Fandoms Requested: Evil Dead, Indiana Jones, National Treasure

Evil Dead/Indiana Jones: Indiana Jones vs. Deadites! Indy would find Ash eternally frustrating, but as they both have dorky badass thing, it would make for great adventures. Maybe one of them gets thrown through a portal or Indy is looking for the Necronomicon and somehow they end up in the same time period together. It could be so much fun.

Evil Dead/National Treasure: Perhaps the National Treasure team stumble upon some Deadite related book or artifact and meet up with Ash. Or maybe one of Ash's cohorts (Kelly from AvED? Ruby? Maybe he went to summer camp with Pablo?) know Riley and seek him and the others out for help looking for ways to defeat Deadites.

Indiana Jones/National Treasure: Part of the reason I love the National Treasure movies so much is that it has that Indiana Jones sense of adventure to it, so these seem like an obvious fit. It might take a little work to get these characters together, so do what you have to do! Time travel? Always a good thing. Or if you don't want to mess with time travel, parallel stories involving one particular artifact or piece of history that Indy looked for in his time, and now Ben/Abigail/Riley are looking for in modern times might work as well.

Ships, no-ships, characters, etc. If you have to use magic or time travel or any other tricks to make these works, feel free, I'm open to all of it! As far as Evil Dead goes, obviously Ash should be the central character, but feel free to use characters from the films as well as the TV series, Ash vs. Evil Dead. I'm fine with all of the above. For National Treasure, I like all of the main three characters as well as Ben's parents. I am an unrepentant Abigail/Riley shipper, or Ben/Abigail/Riley, canon Ben/Abigail is fine. For Indiana Jones, the only important ship is Indy/Marion, but you don't have to write about them if it doesn't fit the story. But feel free to include Marion or any other of the film characters in the story if you wish.

R E Q U E S T . F O U R

Fandoms Requested: Alias, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Jessica Jones

Alias/Buffy: I figure there's a few ways this could go. You could put Buffy in Sydney's world as a spy or maybe Syd runs into her on a mission and is introduced to this whole secret world of vampires, werewolves and demons that she never knew about. Or, perhaps Sydney is actually a potential slayer who Buffy tries to bring into the fold of her little slayer army. Or, maybe there's a Rambaldi artifact that is in their possession or in the possession of some vampire and both of them are looking for it. Orrrrrrr, whatever scenario you like! (Okay, there's more than a few ways this could go, there are so many ways!)

Alias/Jessica Jones: Obviously, this is my badass women request and what is a more badass combination than Sydney Bristow and Jessica Jones? Like the above, there could be several different scenarios that could work. Maybe the CIA wants to recruit Jessica, but of course, Jessica would never want to join up. Maybe Syd is on an undercover mission that involves a case Jessica is working on. Would love to see how they could find a way to work together despite all their differences.

Buffy/Jessica Jones: I'm not sure Buffy and Jessica would get along (at first), but I think Buffy and Trish would, and Jessica and Faith definitely would. But, I think eventually Jessica and Buffy would come to respect and appreciate each other. It would just be prickly at first! In any case, I'd love to see that dynamic play out somehow. Maybe Jessica finds herself involved in a case that actually involves vampires or demons and ends up meeting Buffy and the gang that way. Or maybe Jessica and/or Trish are potential slayers and get recruited

Ships, no-ships, characters, etc. I'm honestly 100% good with gen fic here. I have no major shipping priorities, so mentions of canon ships are fine (or Will/Syd for Alias). Character wise, all of the main stars of course. For Alias, any appearances by Will, Jack, Marshall or Irina would be fine with me. For Jessica Jones, you can include Luke, Malcolm or Jeri if the story warrants it. For Buffy, the Scooby gang, Faith, Giles, etc. - all okay by me.

R E Q U E S T . F I V E

Fandoms Requested: The Hunger Games, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Revenge

Hunger Games/Marvel Cinematic Universe: This is definitely a request ripe for fusions! What if our favorite superheroes and supervillains were tributes in the Hunger Games? Or what if Katniss and the other tributes lived in 2016 and were recruited to be Avengers? (Yes, they already have one archer, but they could always use another!)

Hunger Games/Revenge: What if Emily was a tribute and Nolan her mentor? She would definitely volunteer in place of Amanda or Charlotte. Or vice versa? (And the Graysons are clearly citzens of The Capitol. CLEARLY.) Or what if both Nolan and Emily were tributes. He'd be the one who tries to engineer traps to take out his enemies, and she'd be the physical threat.

Marvel Cinematic Universe/Revenge: I have been saying ever since Emily Van Camp was cast as Sharon, that this needs to happen. Imagine a world where Sharon and Emily are one and the same, and Conrad is a member of HYDRA and maybe Nolan is the tech genius behind all of SHIELD's gadgetry. (Nolan and Tony Stark would be FAST FRIENDS.)

Ships, no-ships, characters, etc.: For Revenge, I am an adamant and hopeless Nolan/Emily shipper. I don't expect you to write a shippy fic, but I definitely do not want any other Emily ship involved (unless it's Emily/Amanda, I could go for that). Character wise, Conrad, Victoria, Charlotte, Amanda and Ashley are welcome! As far as Hunger Games, feel free to go gen there and the same with MCU. (Although, canon ships are fine in those two.)

L I K E S / D I S L I K E S

Likes: AUs, fusions, tropes, snark, banter, adventure, female characters who have agency, superheroes, space, darkfic is fine, so is fluff, anything rated G through NC-17 so go wild there if you want, uhh... most things. I am the worst at this. I love horror movies, so anything dark, scary or gross probably won't bother me too much.

Dislikes: Non-con or dub-con, mpreg, tentacles, scat, watersports, not really super kinky but I'm also not a prude, so, yeah, I really am the worst at this part. And while I don't equate pre-established relationship fic to the items previous mentioned, I'm also... not a big fan. It's fine in the case of ships that are already together in canon, but if you're writing one of my non-canon fics, I'd prefer gen/friendship/pre-relationship/build-to-a-relationship over pre-established fic. Also, I have a weird thing about ankle trauma, so while gore or injuries don't gross me out, any graphic depiction of an ankle injury will, so keep everyone's ankles safe please. (I've had several serious ankle injuries, so this isn't a totally random squick.)

If you have any questions about specifics or need to know about a thing that I haven't mentioned here, please feel free to send a PM to [personal profile] galfridian and she'll be able to answer any questions for you. :)

Thanks again for signing up and I sincerely hope you enjoy your writing experience! I am so excited for whatever you decide to do!
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