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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Welcome to the weirdest part of the letter to write. How many ways can I tell you thank you for writing for me? Pretty much just this one way. But it's definitely sincere! I love all three of these fandoms equally (no, seriously, I'm not shitting you at all) and will be thrilled with whatever I get. I get pretty embarrassingly giddy ANY time someone writes a fic as a gift for me, so basically, write a thing and I'll love it. I've put some info below about all of my requests, but the most important thing to me is that you enjoy the writing process and don't panic about whether I will like it or not. If you enjoy it, it will come through in the finished product, so I'll like it too.

So, on to fandoms & more -- in alphabetical order --

B E H I N D . T H E . M A S K:


Characters Requested: Leslie Vernon, Taylor Gentry, Doug, Doc Halloran

Summary: The next great psycho horror slasher has given a documentary crew exclusive access to his life as he plans his reign of terror over the sleepy town of Glen Echo, all the while deconstructing the conventions and archetypes of the horror genre for them. (If you like stuff like Scream or Cabin in the Woods, then this is your kind of movie, IMO.)

Availability: I haven't been able to find a place to stream this for free (I'm sure it's available for purchase somewhere), so if by chance someone actually matched on this, it's a miracle! If you did match this movie, it means you are one of the few people who saw this little gem and clearly you are awesome. So congrats on being awesome. If you're just passing by, here's a link to the trailer in case you are curious.

Thoughts/Prompts/Etc.: I just thoroughly enjoyed this movie from beginning to end because I am a HUGE horror geek. It plays with all the tropes and conventions of the slasher genre SO cleverly that I spent the entire first time watching it grinning like a goofball. I just adore this little movie.

I would love love love love to see what happens after the movie, especially since it seems the filmmakers have been unable to get funding to produce the sequel. Does Leslie go after Taylor again? (Of course he would, right?) Would Taylor ever be able to look past what he does and care for him in a romantic way? (Jamie was Eugene's Survivor Girl that he ended up in a relationship with, so maybe Taylor could be that to Leslie.) Is Doc Halloran capable of defeating Leslie once and for all or will Leslie destroy his Ahab? And what about Doug? Maybe Doug and Taylor hook up just so she's no longer the "virgin" that a Survivor Girl is supposed to be? There are so many possibilities! (Would also be a-okay with a crossover where Leslie meets another famous slasher, i.e. Freddy, Ghostface, Jason or go super meta with a Cabin in the Woods crossover.)

Obviously, I ship Taylor/Leslie, and would also be okay with Taylor/Doug and would be more than okay with no shipping at all if that's what you want to write. I just want more of these characters, in whatever way you want to give it to me.Also, if you can't find a way to fit all 4 characters in the story, then don't worry about it. As long as Taylor and Leslie are the focus, that's great. (And if you want to include Eugene and Jamie, that would be fine as well. Whatever works best for the story!)

T H E . B L A C K . T A P E S . P O D C A S T

Characters Requested: Alex Reagan, Richard Strand, Nic Silver

Summary: While researching stories for another podcast, journalist Alex Reagan stumbles upon paranormal researcher and skeptic Dr. Richard Strand and his 'black tapes' featuring paranormal cases that he has yet to disprove. While working together on the black tapes, she also discovers that Strand is haunted by secrets from his own past.

Availability: Available via their website, http://theblacktapespodcast.com/ and on iTunes. Season 1 just finished recently, so if you listen now, you can get caught up quick!

Thoughts/Prompts/Etc.: A friend recommended this to me early on and though it took me a couple episodes to get hooked, I got SUPER hooked once I did. (And now they've gone and created another podcast, Tanis, to keep me hanging on until season 2 starts. Sneaky podcasters!)

I figure there are plenty of directions to take this in. Feel free to create your own black tape and have Alex, Strand and Nic investigate it. Take a myth, legend or a spooky story and make it a black tape. Or have something undeniably supernatural happen to Nic or Alex and they bring Strand in for help. Since the show itself is on hiatus, you can also pick up where that cliffhanger left off. Come up with your own theories about Coralee's disappearance or how the tapes are connected or what's up with Sebastian, Simon etc. Just let your imagination run wild, and feel free to make it as creepy as you'd like. (Crossovers with horror movies or TV shows are A-OKAY. I've seen most of the well known ones and plenty of obscure ones, so you'll be safe with most titles. But if you want to be sure, feel free to ask my proxy or the mods.)

Gen is 100% cool here. I just want more Alex, Strand and Nic adventures. However, if you are inclined for shippy things... well, I definitely ship Alex/Strand, which I know, I know, but I can't help it because they always sound so weirdly flirty with each other and I don't know if that's intentional or the actors just having fun, but dangit, there it is. I also would happily read Alex/Nic as well. Whatever suits your fancy!

N A T I O N A L . T R E A S U R E

Characters Requested: Riley Poole, Abigail Chase, Benjamin Gates

Summary: (for the first film) Benjamin Franklin Gates descends from a family of treasure-seekers who've all hunted for the same thing: a war chest hidden by the Founding Fathers after the Revolutionary War. Ben's close to discovering its whereabouts, as is his competition, but the FBI is also hip to the hunt. (for the sequel) Benjamin Gates must follow a clue left in John Wilkes Booth's diary to prove his ancestor's innocence in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

Availability: If you are one of the few who have not seen these delightful movies, whyyyyyyyy? Both are on DVD/Blu-ray, Amazon, iTunes and on a cable channel near you a few times a month. The first film is also currently streaming on Netflix.

Thoughts/Prompts/Etc.: I received a really great fic in this fandom last year, seriously, it's GREAT and I love it. But there can never ever be enough National Treasure fic. Never. Ever. Ever.

It's almost stupid how much I love these movies. I love any kind of movie/book/game/etc. that follows this whole "here's a clue, let's follow it to somewhere interesting and find another clue!" plot, and the National Treasure series is one of the best at it. They are just so monumentally fun and I never get sick of watching them. Not ever.

It's really the adventure aspect of it that I love the most, so ANY fic that puts these three on a grand adventure will make me starry-eyed. I am constantly yelling about the lack of a third movie in this series, because I just need more of it. (WHAT IS PAGE 47 FFS?!?) So if you want to come up with an idea for what Page 47 is or have Ben, Riley and Abigail following some other treasure hunt, then run with it. (Though I also understand that a full-fledged adventure may not be possible with time constraints and a lower word count, so even if you write about the three of them of going on an adventure to find the best pizza in Washington, DC or arguing over what movie to watch, I'll still enjoy the hell out of it.) What if Page 47 isn't about past events but future events? Maybe Ben has to stop something from happening and that's why the President asks for his help. My friend [personal profile] galfridian also suggested a cool AU in which Riley is still Riley, but Ben and Abigail switch roles. Maybe Abigail is the wild-eyed treasure hunter and Ben is a grumpy history nerd who works at the National Archives. (It doesn't have to follow the plot of the movies, just think it would be neat to see them switch places.) There are so many things you can do with these characters and the setting, so just let your imagination go wild. I adore Riley a great deal, and would also love to see anything where he gets to be the leader for once, or one of his crazy conspiracy theories actually pays off.

Preferences wise, Riley and Abigail are my FAVORITES so if they get to shine, then I will be thrilled. Shipping wise, I am fine with references to canon Ben/Abigail but I don't really care about them enough to ask for a fic centered on their relationship. I prefer the delightfully non-canon Riley/Abigail ship. I'm also cool with a v-shaped OT3 where Abigail is the center. Gen fic is also 100% great.

L I K E S / D I S L I K E S

Likes: AUs, fusions, crossovers, tropes, snark, banter, adventure, fake dating, female characters who have agency, superheroes, space, darkfic is fine, so is fluff, anything rated G through NC-17 so go wild there if you want, uhh... most things. I am the worst at this. I love horror movies, so anything dark, scary or gross probably won't bother me too much.

Dislikes: Non-con or dub-con, mpreg, tentacles, scat, watersports, not really super kinky but I'm also not a prude, so, yeah, I really am the worst at this part. And while I don't equate pre-established relationship fic to the items previous mentioned, I'm also... not a big fan. It's fine in the case of ships that are already together in canon, but if you're writing one of my non-canon ships, I'd prefer gen/friendship/pre-relationship/build-to-a-relationship over pre-established fic. Also, I have a weird thing about ankle trauma, so while gore or injuries don't gross me out, any graphic depiction of an ankle injury will, so keep everyone's ankles safe please. (I know that sounds random, but I have had multiple serious ankle injuries over my life, so I'd rather not read about it in detail. Been there, done that.)

If you have any questions about specifics, want to know if you're headed in the right direction or need to know about a thing that I haven't mentioned here, please feel free to send a PM to [personal profile] galfridian and she'll be able to answer any questions for you. :) Or send an e-mail through the mods. I promise I will be quick to respond. Also, feel free to stalk me over at my fandom Tumblr or my Twitter. (I also blog about movies and other things at this Tumblr.)

Thanks again and happy Yuletide!

- weasleytook (same username on AO3)
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